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Labiaplasty / Labioplasty is a procedure performed on women who dislike the large size of their labia minora, which may cause embarrassment with a sexual partner or discomfort in tight pants, with sports, or during sexual intercourse. Some women are born with enlarged labia and therefore opt to have labiaplasty; whereas others develop the enlargement with age or from child-birth. Occasionally, a woman is self-conscious of her labia since childhood. A labia reduction (labiaplasty) procedure can be performed to reduce the labia minora.

Traditionally, gynecologists and plastic surgeons perform labia minora reduction (labia reduction or labiaplasty or labioplasty) by excising the protuberant labia minora and over sewing the raw edge. This old fashioned labia reduction (labiaplasty) technique is not ideal since the natural contour and color of labia minora edge are eliminated. Instead, an irregular scar line of more lightly colored inner labial tissue replaces the normal pigment of the labial border.

Recently, Dr. Alter developed a new technique of labia minora reduction (labiaplasty) called the "Alter labia contouring" procedure "the new labiaplasty", which preserves the normal contour, color, and anatomy of the labia minora edge. The protuberant labium is excised in a "V" manner and the upper and lower edges are sutured together. Therefore, the only suture line visible on the edge is a small transverse line instead of a longitudinal vertical suture line. This results in normal labia minora in which surgery is essentially undetectable. Excess skin on the sides of the clitoral hood can also be removed without visible scars. Several modifications of labiaplasty have also been made that have not yet been published.


About the Labiaplasty / Labioplasty Surgery

The labia minora reduction surgery (labiaplasty or Labioplasty) is relatively minor and is not very uncomfortable. The labia reduction surgery takes 2 hours and is performed with magnification to assure an accurate approximation of the normal labial edges, whereas the other technique takes 15-30 minutes and results in a scar line as the labial edge. That scar can cause chronic discomfort and disfigurement.

The labiaplasty / labioplasty surgery is performed in a fully accredited surgical center. General anesthesia is usually used, but sedation with local anesthesia is possible. The complication rate from labiaplasty is extremely low. If you have a relatively sedate job, you can probably return to work in 5 days. If you travel here, I will see you on the day before surgery, and you should plan on staying in the area for about 2-3 days after the operation. You can resume sexual relations in about 6 weeks after a labia reduction. None of my patients have complained of any loss of sensation or any decline in the ability to have orgasms.

Insurance may cover the labiaplasty (labioplasty)surgery if you have any discomfort. We are happy to assist you in obtaining preauthorization.

This labia minora procedure (labiaplasty / labioplasty) was published in the prestigious journal 'Annals of Plastic Surgery" in early 1998 (volume 40, page 287). It was featured in Cosmopolitan magazine in November 1998, in Playboy magazine's August 1999 Playboy Advisor; in the February 2000 and November 2003 issue of Marie Claire magazine, and in Glamour magazine, etc.

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