Alright, Ladies. Let’s Get Real About Labia.

A Labia Of Love

Labias, Ladies! Get in your comfy pants, pull up a chair, get cozy and let’s dive deep into the world of labia. First and foremost, the basics! 

Labia refers to the vaginal lips, which is composed of the labia minora (the inner lips) and labia majora (the outer lips), which are part of the vulva. Labia are like a thumbprint; they are all unique and beautifully you. Many women struggle with fears and insecurity concerning whether their labia are “normal”, while many other women suffer from discomfort during intercourse, physical activity, or while wearing tight clothing due to an enlarged labium. Though there is no such thing as a “normal” labia, per se, the physical and psychological tolls cannot be denied.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Mainstream porn seems to only show vulvas that look a certain way. The popularity of adult entertainment combined with the societal modesty around vulvas has influenced perception of what is normal. Fun fact: the type seen in porn with small closed lips is actually the least common type of vulva overall. Sometimes the labia minora is completely concealed within the labia majora. Other times the labia minora hangs out beyond the labia majora. This can be prominent or minimal.

Just as they come in different shapes and sizes, there is a range of pigments of labia. Red. Pink. Purple. Brown. Not talking skittles here, just bittles! It’s common for labia to be darker than surrounding skin. It’s also normal for the labia minora and clitoris to become redder when aroused, due to increased blood flow.


While there is so much to love about all different labia looks, sometimes it makes sense to make a few tweaks. There are many instances when a woman may seek adjustments with her labia, whether aesthetic or functional.

If your labia minora has stretched after childbirth, it can lead to discomfort and physical complications. Tearing and scar tissue that won’t heal can be burdensome and uncomfortable. 

An extended labia minora can get tangled in lace panties and cut off circulation. Increased friction can occur during physical activities, such as jogging or bike riding. Sexual intercourse may result in abrasions due to the penis pushing the folds of the labia minora into the vaginal cavity. Trapped moisture can result in a higher occurrence of yeast infections and UTI’s. 

Sometimes, you just have a personal preference for how you want your vulva to look. There is no shame in altering your vulva for aesthetic preferences. Reach for the stars, girl! 

Jazz That Vag

Whether you are seeking to appeal to you or your partner’s aesthetic preference, heal scar tissue from childbirth or just sick of getting that prominent labia minora strangled in lace panties (Ouch!), Gary J. Alter, M.D. has a variety of options for vaginal rejuvenation:

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