Male Genital Reconstruction

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Congenital and acquired abnormalities of the penis and scrotum are not uncommon and require reconstructive surgery. These deformities can be very challenging. Dr. Alter is unique in that he is certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Urology. His background allows him to combine his expertise as both a plastic surgeon and urologist to provide patients with the best possible outcome.

Patient with lymphedema of the penis and scrotum, burns, Fournier’s gangrene, etc. can be reconstructed with excellent results, thus, improving and restoring the patient’s sexuality and self-confidence. These reconstructions may require tissue rearrangement or skin grafts.


Patient-First Policy

Dr. Alter and the entire team are dedicated to providing every patient with exceptional individualized care—from consultation to recovery. We take the time to learn about your concerns, goals, and desires, so we can build a plan that addresses your concerns and gets you the
results you deserve.

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