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The clitoral hood is the skin that surrounds and protects the body and head of the clitoris. The foreskin or prepuce is the thinner skin of the lower part of the clitoral hood that overlies the sensitive head of the clitoris. There is significant variation in the size and shape of each woman’s clitoral hood, and, for many, it can appear disproportionately enlarged.

A protruding clitoral hood and clitoris can be a source of embarrassment and discomfort for many women which greatly impacts their daily lives. This protrusion can appear as a bulge in tight clothing or look like a small penis. The emotional and physical distress can be so disruptive that some women avoid sexual intimacy.

Dr. Alter has helped many women with a clitoral hood reduction with or without clitoropexy or clitoris reduction, giving them the look and feel they want without losing sensation.

For the purpose of this discussion, clitoris reduction will not be discussed and will be explained in another section. Many women confuse clitoris enlargement with clitoral hood enlargement. Even though the clitoral hood is enlarged with clitoris enlargement, determination of the presence of clitoris enlargement must be determined.

What Is Clitoral Hood Reduction With/Without Clitoropexy?

The clitoral hood reduction surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of the clitoral hood to ensure a more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and proportionate appearance. Depending on the position of the clitoris, the clitoral hood, and the patient’s desires, Dr. Alter will also perform clitoropexy, which simply repositions the clitoris and allows a more aggressive reduction. A clitoropexy cannot be performed on a woman with clitoris enlargement as the sutures will not hold, so a clitoris reduction must be done.

The clitoropexy with hood reduction was invented by Dr. Alter over 15 years ago to transform the enlarged hood to a more natural post-surgical appearance. He has performed this procedure hundreds of times with outstanding patient satisfaction. As his unique approach has not been published, patients will not receive this technique from any other surgeon.

The clitoropexy/clitoral hood reduction can be done alone or with the Alter central wedge labiaplasty.

Am I a Good Candidate for Clitoral Hood Reduction With/Without Clitoropexy?

You may be a candidate for clitoral hood reduction with or without clitoropexy if you are unhappy with the size, protrusion, and appearance of your clitoral hood. Many of Dr. Alter’s clitoral hood reduction patients feel physical discomfort as their enlarged clitoral hood causes friction in tight clothing, exercise, or with sex. They may experience such overwhelming embarrassment that they avoid sexual intimacy, impacting their relationships.

Candidates for clitoral hood reduction surgery with or without clitoropexy should be healthy, not smoke, and have realistic expectations about their results.

If you believe you are a candidate for clitoral hood reduction surgery with or without clitoropexy, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gary Alter, the premier vaginal rejuvenation and genital reconstruction plastic surgeon in New York, and he will gladly discuss your options with you.

How Is Clitoral Hood Reduction With/Without Clitoropexy Performed?

The female anatomy is incredibly diverse, with every clitoris and clitoral hood having unique features. This is why Dr. Alter incorporates multiple techniques in clitoral hood reduction surgery with or without clitoropexy.

  • If there is excess width, Dr. Alter routinely reduces the sides of the clitoral hood alone or while performing labiaplasty.
  • If the hood overlaps the clitoris, it can sometimes be shortened by excising skin horizontally.
  • If the hood is not long but thick and protruding, the tissue under the skin can be thinned out.
  • Clitoropexy is used if the patient wishes to reduce the length, width, thickness, or protrusion of the clitoral hood. A horizontal incision on the lower clitoral hood is made, the hood skin is elevated, and the ligament attached to the clitoris is released. The clitoris is repositioned slightly higher and deeper with a few sutures from the ligament to the pubic bone. No sutures are placed through or on the clitoris. Excess skin and fat is then removed. This reduces the protrusion of the hood and clitoris without suturing or affecting the clitoris. This means there is no risk of injury or decrease in sensation.

The specific techniques used for your clitoral hood reduction with/without clitoropexy will be determined at your consultation with Dr. Alter.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Alter for My Clitoral Hood Reduction With/Without Clitoropexy?

Dr. Gary J. Alter is board certified in plastic surgery and urology, giving him invaluable expertise and unparalleled experience in genital anatomy and cosmetic procedures. His subspecialties include genital plastic surgery and genital reconstruction. Dr. Alter is not just a plastic surgeon who performs some genital procedures: he is a pioneer in genital plastic surgery and a leading genital surgeon in the world. He has been performing these procedures for almost 30 years.

His compassion and skill for the profession are exemplified by the stunning results he gives his patients and his invaluable innovations in the field. He has created and perfected multiple male and female aesthetic genital procedures, including buried/hidden penis surgery, new techniques for scrotum reduction, modern MTF genital confirmation surgery techniques, and more.

Most notably, he invented the Alter central wedge labiaplasty technique to provide patients with more natural, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable labia. This method became the gold standard of labiaplasty, earning him international recognition as the leading expert in this procedure. He also innovated and pioneered the clitoral hood reduction with/without clitoropexy and many techniques to reconstruct women with botched labiaplasty and clitoral hood reductions.

Dr. Alter will provide this level of experience, skill, and compassion to all of his surgeries.

What Type of Anesthesia Is Used During Clitoral Hood Reduction With/Without Clitoropexy?

Patients are typically placed under general anesthesia or local with intravenous sedation. Occasional local anesthesia can be used for minor hood reductions. Dr. Alter will discuss your options during your consultation.

What Are the Risks of Clitoral Hood Reduction With/Without Clitoropexy?

All surgical procedures carry some risk, but Dr. Alter performs the clitoral hood reduction with a meticulous hand to avoid complications. Following aftercare instructions will help prevent chances of infection or excess bleeding. The complication rate is very minimal.

How Long Is the Clitoral Hood Reduction With/Without Clitoropexy Procedure?

The length of your clitoral hood reduction will depend on a few factors, including whether or not Dr. Alter performs clitoropexy an/or labiaplasty. A simple hood reduction can take a half-hour whereas combining a clitoropexy with labiaplasty can take three hours.

It is an outpatient procedure, so you can return home once it is completed.

What Is the Clitoral Hood Reduction With/Without Clitoropexy Recovery Process?

Recovery after the clitoral hood reduction will vary between patients. You will receive a long-lasting local anesthetic to minimize post-operative pain. Generally, most women can return to work after a few days.

Dr. Alter will provide you with specific post-operative instructions. Wear loose-fitting clothing and protect your surgical site for a few weeks. Avoid any exercise for three to four weeks. Sex should also be avoided for six weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clitoral Hood Reduction With/Without Clitoropexy

How much does clitoral hood reduction with/without clitoropexy cost in New York City?

The cost of clitoral hood reduction will vary depending on the extent of your surgery, the technique used, and if you combine it with any other procedures. Additional cost factors include geographic location, anesthesia fees, facility, and surgeon fees.

Dr. Alter understands that the cost of your clitoral hood reduction is most likely a compelling factor for you. It is important to choose a trusted, experienced aesthetic genital specialist for this delicate procedure. Other surgeons may be able to perform a “similar” surgery at a lower cost, but you will be sacrificing the care, skill and experience that Dr. Alter offers. In fact, over half of Dr. Alter’s patients come to him to perform revisions or redos from the procedures performed by other surgeons.

Dr. Alter understands the importance of patient comfort and trust, which is why he practices a patient-first philosophy. He will happily provide a cost estimate once a surgical plan has been established and agreed upon.

Will my clitoral hood reduction affect sensation?

Dr. Alter has performed upwards of thousands of clitoral hood reduction surgeries and over 400 clitoropexies — none of these patients have reported a loss of sensation.

If your clitoral hood obstructs the clitoral glans, it may be affecting sensation and making it more difficult for you to achieve orgasm. Once Dr. Alter reduces the size of the clitoral hood, the clitoris will be more exposed, allowing for an increase in sensation. However, care must be taken to prevent over-exposure of the clitoris, which can be irritating and unsightly. Many of his clitoral hood reduction patients claim they can achieve orgasm more readily than before, improving their overall sexual satisfaction.

Will my clitoral hood reduction look natural?

Yes. Natural enhancement of the aesthetic and function of the clitoral hood and clitoris are two factors that Dr. Alter strives to achieve with every surgery. After your procedure, you will have a smaller, more natural-looking clitoral hood.

Is clitoral hood reduction surgery permanent?

Clitoral hood reduction surgery with/without clitoropexy is long lasting; however, no surgery can prevent changes to the body. Nonetheless, it is rare to undergo this procedure twice if Dr. Alter has performed it.

Will pregnancy affect my clitoral hood reduction results?

Clitoral hood reduction with/without clitoropexy will not affect your ability to get pregnant or give birth. Pregnancy may temporarily affect the size of the hood, but this is rarely permanent. Vaginal delivery will not damage your clitoral hood or clitoris.


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