The O-shot: Go From Ouch To “Oh, My”

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Whether it’s dryness and irritation or downright pain during intercourse, when our vaginas turn on us, it can make living our lives super difficult. For some women, vaginal issues arise after childbirth or as they get older, and for many others it’s something they struggle with their entire life. Whatever your situation in life, one thing most women can easily agree on: A irritated, painful vagina sucks royally.

Decades ago, women rarely spoke about vaginal issues like dryness, irritation, pain, and reduced libido. It just wasn’t really done. But times have changed. More and more women are not only talking about these previously taboo topics, they are searching out ways to improve their vaginal health and sexual wellness.

Give me an O! Give me an O-Shot™!

One such treatment that many women are seeking out is the O-Shot™. Non-invasive and so easy it can be done during a lunch break, the O-Shot™ requires a simple blood draw. Your blood is then processed in order to derive the highest concentration of platelets—a concoction of natural healing and growth factors.

This potent PRP is then injected into the G-spot, clitoris, and upper vagina. Once injected it starts doing its thing, healing and restoring normal vaginal functionality. Many women report less irritation, increased lubrication, and—wait for it—better orgasms and increased sexual pleasure.

OMG! Who’s it for?

Women. Women. And more women. Seriously, don’t live with decreased sexual pleasure. You don’t have to live with vaginal dryness and irritation. The O-Shot™ can help relieve pesky to downright unpleasant symptoms and get you back into the swing of things.

Women who have given birth, gone through menopause, or would like to give their downtown desire zone a much-needed boost.

Depending on your situation, multiple treatments may be required to get you to a place where you are most happy. After treatment, the good-time effects may take up to three weeks to kick in. But once they do, boy howdy, the benefits can last up to a year.

Leakage, anyone?

Look, after giving birth things can get insanely real and not-so-pleasant down there. For a lot of women, this includes a wee bit of unexpected and definitely unwanted pee leakage. O-Shot™ has the potential to help reduce these annoying occurrences, getting you back in the saddle without worrying about accidental drips.

Okay, but how much will it hurt?

Post-treatment pain is minimal, and you can go about your day without much discomfort. the blood draw and injection are typically the most unpleasant aspect of the treatment. But that’s it. Not too bad considering the potential benefits and relief you have in store for you and your vagina when all is said and done.

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