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Few things stay static and unchanged in life—and we age things start to break down. Skin starts to sag and appear dull and uneven. We start to experience achy joints and sore muscles. And our desire for sex starts to dip.

Two decades ago, there was little men and women could do about these things. Today, thanks to advances in regenerative medicine like stem cell therapy, laser technology, and acoustic SoftWave® shockwave therapy, and potent combination therapies.

Rejuvenation for Women

Few things stay static and unchanged in life—and as women age, it’s not unusual to begin to experience an increase in physical discomfort in the genital area. Whether it’s due to childbirth or the general effects of aging or menopause, many women complain about vaginal pain or itchiness as well as irritation and pain during sex.

Dr. Alter offers the following regenerative treatment options at his Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills clinic, conveniently located on the same floor as his cosmetic practice:

  • Vaginal Rejuvenation Our knowledgeable and experienced physicians at Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills offer a variety of treatment options and procedures designed with the intimate and individual needs of our patients in mind. With over 25 years of experience in the field of female sexual wellness, we are uniquely qualified to help you regain pleasure during intimate moments, relieve pain and irritation, and heal and restore delicate vaginal tissue.
  • O-Shot™ Beginning with a simple blood draw, our team obtains platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood, which is a mixture of plasma and platelets that have combined healing factors. From there, we prepare the PRP to ensure certain healing and growth factors are present. Then, as the O-Shot, we inject the PRP directly into the G-spot, clitoris, and vagina, healing and restoring normal functions. This often results in better orgasms and lessens urinary leakage.
  • STEMVagé™ & STEMVagé™+ Going a step beyond the O-Shot™, this procedure takes liquified fat with stem cells called nanofat and injects it into the vagina, G-spot, and clitoris. The fat is obtained by minor liposuction and is emulsified by a special process that saves the stem cells for injection. These stem cells are undifferentiated cells that become specialized cells, thus healing damaged tissue. The nanofat can be combined with PRP to achieve a more potent rejuvenation. STEMVagé™+adds FemTouch™ vaginal resurfacing for a more robust treatment option.
  • FemTouch™ Vaginal Resurfacing Using advanced laser technology, painless micro-injuries are created by emitting energy into the vaginal lining. This stimulates the body’s healing response and often results in the elimination of sexual pain, an increase in lubrication, and possible tightening and improved urinary control. (3-4 treatments are recommended.)
  • SoftWave® Therapy Shockwave “Softwave” Therapy (SWT) for women. Using the power of the TRT UroGold 100™ SoftWave®, we can help eliminate or significantly reduce vaginal and female genital discomfort. This acoustic shockwave machine has successfully eliminated chronic vulvar pain and vulvodynia. It reduces inflammation, delivers pain relief, and regenerates nerve fibers and collagen production. In addition, direct application of the Softwave pulses treats a variety of medical issues from muscle and joint pain to scar tissue, lymphedema, and acute and chronic open wounds, includingchronic diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Structural Microfat Grafting Fat injections are a long-standing alternative to short-term dermal fillers. It involves harvesting fat from an unwanted area of your body and injecting into an area that needs it, like the cheeks, lips, under eyes, hands, and so on.

Sexual Wellness for Men

Medical conditions that affect a man’s sexual health can ultimately impact all areas of his life— his self-esteem, his lifestyle, the relationship he has with his partner, and more. Thankfully, medical advances have introduced a number of highly effective treatments that can offer full restoration of sexual health and vigor—many of these treatments using stem cell therapies. 

Dr. Alter offers the following regenerative treatment options at his Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills clinic, conveniently located on the same floor as his cosmetic practice:

  • Shockwave Therapy (SWT)  Recently, improvement in erectile dysfunction has been achieved through the use of low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (SWT), with or without the addition of platelet rich plasma or stem cell injection therapy. We use the TRT UroGold 100™ SoftWave® which boasts a patented treatment using unfocused hydroelectric shockwaves. These shockwaves are easily and PAINLESSLY delivered by applying the applicator to the penis for about 15 minutes per treatment. The shockwaves stimulate the patient’s stem cells to divide, migrate, and release exosomes and healing factors. Studies have shown that the shockwaves alone result in tissue healing with improved blood flow and nerve regeneration. Patients often state that their erections are more frequent and firmer after treatments.
  • Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy  Stem cells are in high concentration in the gelatinous material, called Wharton’s jelly, that surrounds the blood vessels in newborn umbilical cords. The umbilical cords are donated to a special lab by the parents, which tests, prepares, and standardizes the stem cells and factors for injection. There is no risk for disease transmission. The stem cells derivatives can be injected into the erectile bodies along with the shockwave treatment. Studies have shown that stem cells injected into the corporal bodies alone can improve erections.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy  Platelet rich plasma is platelet and plasma derived from a routine blood draw with the red and white blood cells removed. The blood is prepared by centrifugation using a special technique. The plasma and platelets have multiple healing factors, which stimulate tissue to repair. It is easily given to the patient by a simple injection into the penis.
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