As women age it’s fairly common to experience unwanted pain and irritation in the genital area. Childbirth, menopause, and aging all can attribute to an increase in irritation, dryness, and even urinary leakage. Fortunately, today women have more options to help curb these unfortunate side effects like the O-Shot treatment.

Through a simple blood draw, we obtain platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood and derive a high concentration of platelets, plus natural healing and growth factors.  The O-Shot™ is then injected directly into the G-spot, clitoris, and upper vagina, working to heal and restore normal functionality.

Women have reported better orgasms, increased sexual pleasure, and less urinary leakage thanks to O-Shot™ treatments. It can also help reduce instances of pain during intercourse.


The O-Shot treatment can be done in about a half hour. It involves a simple blood draw and a near painless injection into targeted area(s). Post-treatment discomfort is minimal, and patients typically go about their day with little interruption. 

It can take up to three weeks for you to start experiencing the intended effect of the O-Shot treatment. Multiple treatments may be required depending on individual needs and desired outcomes. However, once the effect kicks in, the benefits can last for a year or more.


Patient-First Policy

Dr. Alter and the entire team are dedicated to providing every patient with exceptional individualized care—from consultation to recovery. We take the time to learn about your concerns, goals, and desires, so we can build a plan that addresses your concerns and gets you the
results you deserve.

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