Structural Microfat Grafting


Microfat grafting essentially consists of transferring fatty tissue from your abdomen, flanks, buttocks or thigh to other areas.  The fat is placed in your cheeks, lips, hands, or under your eyes, thus filling out those areas that have become hollow from fat loss. Microfat grafting is a longer-lasting alternative to short-term dermal fillers.

The end result is beautiful contouring and smooth, supple skin, with postoperative soreness that lasts just a day or two. Some patients may experience minor swelling or bruising for up to three weeks, but we will be able to offer you some simple solutions to minimize side effects.

This procedure is recommended for patients who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Your face has become creased or sunken and you would like to restore some volume under your eyes, cheeks, and/or lips.
  • Your hands have aged poorly featuring a hollow appearance, with prominent veins or tendons.
  • You’ve used fillers and found them to be helpful but wish you could find something a bit more long-lasting.
  • You want to minimize the appearance of scars or otherwise rejuvenate your skin.


Usually performed in about an hour, fat is harvested from your body through minor liposuction. This is typically performed while you’re numbed with local anesthesia. The fat is then purified in a centrifuge, where unwanted oils are successfully removed. The resulting purified fat is then carefully injected into the targeted area. To ensure the desired result is achieved and long-lasting, we create a three-dimensional grid, or structure, just below the skin.


Patient-First Policy

Dr. Alter and the entire team are dedicated to providing every patient with exceptional individualized care—from consultation to recovery. We take the time to learn about your concerns, goals, and desires, so we can build a plan that addresses your concerns and gets you the
results you deserve.

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